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I’m Danilo Gurovich, a passionate technologist, husband, father and writer.   Technologies that I relentlessly pursue are eCommerce, eCommerce metrics platforms, Service Oriented Application Platforms (SOA/SaaS), Adaptive Gaming Technologies and Complex Internet Applications.  The languages I love to devlop in include, but are not limited to, Java and Python frameworks.

My main interests are technology and its relationship to business.  The questions I like to answer are:

  • What technologies should be used to implement business requirements?
  • How do you plan and execute on architectural decisions?
  • What kind of resources should be allocated to support a productive development group?
  • How can a large project be scheduled? What milestones exist and how are they planned?
  • What processes need to be in place for development?
  • What business processes are vital to ensure benevolent communication between business and technology stakeholders?
  • How do you create environments from Development to Production to minimize risk and create seamless cross-team integration?
  • What must be presented to senior executives to ensure that decisions are communicated correctly?
  • How can an organization move from traditional to Agile Methodologies?

And more.  I’m at home with managing a technological vision, building high-performance teams, and executing on a plan.

I’m a published author (Struts Recipes – Manning, 2005), and have published articles on IBM’s DeveloperWorks and on my blog here and at “As the Dude Abides“, which is my legacy blog containing older versions of the articles here and writings about my other passions; Barbecue, Food and  Motorcycles — Moto Guzzis in particular.


My Full Bio is here.

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Proud to useJava IDE with unparalleled java code
analyzer (600+ built-in inspections)

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