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Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of Starbucks.  They take care of their customers, their employees and really try to do the right thing with capitalism mixed in.  It probably isn’t completely perfect, but they have great coffee, good bites and great service.  I’ve made many friends at various Starbucks all over the United States, and frequented them in London because you know that you’re going to get good quality quickly.

Oh, but the Starbucks at Gloucester Road Tube Station just turns this on its head.  Three women running the place basically wanted you to get your coffee and get out.  I wanted to order some cookies for my daughter but she just moved on to the next customer. Everything was so abrupt, which was odd because it took forever to get my coffee.

When my wife took the empty half-and-half jar and put it on the counter, they just ignored it.  Didn’t even look at it.  When I put it closer to her she looked at me like I had landed a house on her sister.

We finally got the cream. No wonder the Espresso Bar next door was packed.

Redemption came a few days later at the Starbucks near Green Park Station.  Ah.  Just like home — a relaxing quick bite before the Trooping of the colors.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Been there. My sister lives near Birmingham, but used to be a Londoner. We were in London a few years ago with my son showing him around.

    We got off the underground and went looking for a Starbucks and found this one at around 7 in the morning.

    Right then and there I decided that Starbucks is a US company that only works in the US. I know – generalization – the lazy mans way of thinking. But that was my 3rd bad experience with Starbucks in the UK.

    BTW, I also believe the pommies are only nice when they are in the pub after 1 pint and before 3 pints. You have 1 miserable pint to get on with pommies :)

  2. Danilo says:

    Actually met a Mom getting off the plane at O’Hare that had stayed on Cromwell Road visiting her daughter in college in London. She’d knew EXACTLY what Starbucks we were talking about!

    BTW, I had the best time in the UK in memory. I found everyone there warm once you opened up to them, which is pretty similar to Chicago were I live now. We stood next to a lovely family during the Trooping of the colors and I got more information than I could have ever hoped for! My daughter got a couple of candy bars and I watched a Grandmother both dote on and reign in two 7-8 year olds with all the style and grace of any American I’ve ever met. Looks like were all pretty much the same wherever we go; I’ve known quite a few Americans that are only good between Pint #1 and Pint #3!

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